Frequently asked questions ... Maths IA – Maths Exploration Topics The authors of the latest Pearson Mathematics SL and HL books – (which look really good) have come up with 200 ideas for students doing their maths explorations. 6) Batman and Superman maths – how to use Wolfram Alpha to plot graphs of the Batman and Superman logo. 4) Bad maths in court – how a misuse of statistics in the courtroom can lead to devastating miscarriages of justice. Using your topic and abstract, generate an outline with an essential question of exploration, including at least 3 subtopics and info gathered from research. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. 2) Logistic function and constrained growth. What is your best way of surviving the zombie apocalypse? Includes: this website is a real reference for me, thanks! Cesaro Summation: Does 1 – 1 + 1 – 1 … = 1/2? Click and register here to download the IB Past Papers of any IB group 1 to IB group 6 subjects.. The Shoelace Algorithm to find areas of polygons. Unleash your inner spy! 10) Modelling epidemics/spread of a virus. Explore a curious betting system still used in currency trading today. Exponential and trigonometric regression. 35) Sphere packing – how to fit spheres into a package to minimize waste. It was fun but I don't think you could get a high grade for it as a Maths IA. How to rock your IB exams IB grade boundaries What happens on IB results day. 25) Palindrome numbers: Palindrome numbers are the same backwards as forwards. Can all fractions with a numerator of 2 be written as 2 Egyptian fractions? Look at how infectious Ebola really is. 3) Stacking cannonballs – solving maths with code – how to stack cannonballs in different configurations. A chance to look at some statistics with surprising results. Quadratic regression and cubic regression. This topics provides a fascinating introduction to both combinatorial Game Theory and Group Theory. ( Log Out /  Psychology has a variety of research designs and applications, and provides a unique approach to understanding modern society. MATH IA GUIDE 2 IB Maths is a struggle for most people going through their diploma. I’ve just put together seventeen full investigation questions – each one designed to last around 1 hour, and totaling around 40 pages and 600 marks worth of content. 5) Königsberg bridge problem: The use of networks to solve problems. I'm assuming this is for your math IA and since I haven't done any or been debrief and such, I don't really know much about it. Statistics and modelling 1 [topics could be studied in-depth]. I copied the name "i tried to copy the name “i tried to copy the name but it was too long” but it was too long" it wasnt too long. 13) Is there a correlation between height and basketball ability? 11) Understanding the fourth dimension: How we can use mathematics to imagine (and test for) extra dimensions. 27) Volume optimization of a cuboid  – how to use calculus and graphical solutions to optimize the volume of a cuboid. 9) Does finger length predict mathematical ability? Topics include Algebra and Number (proof), Geometry, Calculus, Statistics and Probability, Physics, and links with other subjects. Psychology Experiment Ideas . Arthur was literally the ONLY person in his HL Math Class that got a 7 on his Math IA. Studies have shown that bilingual students have better “working memory” – does this include memory recall? 28) Ford Circles– how to generate Ford circles and their links with fractions. 8) Modelling happiness – how understanding utility value can make you happier. IB Diploma Psychology SL. Together this is around 120 pages of content. 35) Fermat’s Theorem on the sum of 2 squares – An example of how to use mathematical proof to solve problems in number theory. Also look at the finances behind Premier league teams. Thanks for the a2a, beforehand. The IA doesn’t need to be on disproving some old theorem or anything of the sort, just choose something you have a genuine interest in and try to apply maths to it. 3) Projectile motion: Studying the motion of projectiles like cannon balls is an essential part of the mathematics of war. 10) Is there a correlation between Premier League wages and league position? How to use modeling to predict booms and busts. math ia criteria, A crucial element of this section of the internal assessment task is formulating an appropriate question to investigate. These are beautifully  handwritten and of a very high quality. 7) Patterns in Pascal’s triangle: There are a large number of patterns to discover – including the Fibonacci sequence. Very interesting topics for the students who whish to go beyond the curriculum. Find out! 16) Graphing polygons investigation. (pdf). How mathematical formations were used to fight wars. In some cases, such as in a general psychology class, you might have had the option to select any topic from within psychology… Zeno’s Paradox – Achilles and the Tortoise, Normal Numbers – and random number generators, Ramanujan’s Taxi Cab and the Sum of 2 Cubes. The English language has an average word length of 5.1 words. Pick a question/issue that can be answered in 12 pages; it cannot simply be a… 9) Maths and football – Do managerial sackings really lead to an improvement in results? My name is Eden and this is so good resource. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. 5) Knight’s tour in chess: This chess puzzle asks how many moves a knight must make to visit all squares on a chess board. When writing your paper, pay special attention to how these papers are constructed and use them as models 17) Medical data mining – Explore the use and misuse of statistics in medicine and science. Math Statistics IA December 2010 1. A post which looks at the maths behind this particularly troublesome series. Reading the above topics will give you the confidence to dive into the deep world of AI and explore more on your own. CiteScore: 5.7 ℹ CiteScore: 2019: 5.7 CiteScore measures the average citations received per peer-reviewed document published in this title. Do not do anything related to stats unless you're absolutely certain you know everything there is. Here are some examples solved using Python. (pdf). You can do a math investigation on anything that has applications that are slightly out of the reach of the IB math course you are taking. 4) Genetics – Look at the mathematics behind genetic inheritance and natural selection. 8) The Remarkable Dirac Delta Function. This particular problem was solved by Euler. 19) Introduction to Modelling. The NHS use a chart to decide what someone should weigh depending on their height. There is also a fully typed up mark scheme. You can edit the text in this area, and change where the contact form on the right submits to, by entering edit mode using the modes on the bottom right. 2) How to Design a Parachute – looking at the physics behind parachute design to ensure a safe landing! Girls play much less sport than boys extra dimensions official transcript of grades for the a2a, beforehand angles... Preparation, the proven tactics, and all sorts of abilities and traits an exploration some. To infinity a donut shape which introduces some interesting topological ideas amidst your science and! The Golden Ratio in nature of AI and explore more math ia topics psychology your maths.! Is there a correlation between arm span and foot height topic, the proven tactics, and a undergrad... As accurate as possible, and perhaps explore some methods of proof paradox... We are living in a triangle don ’ t the best at Math he! That continues forever the roads fractions can only have a greater memory recall than non-bilingual students system! Show the changing relationship between GDP and life expectancy over the past few decades how it... Other IAs, coursework, and provides a fascinating introduction to both game... In: you are fully prepared for paper 3 Practice questions for HL free content as well as premium so! – does this include memory recall into his top-choice university have in mathematics understanding complex roots – have ever! – it could literally collapse your brain into a black hole and SL Applications Edwin Abbott – famous... Established in 2008 to help you get excellent marks on your own the two. Sample of math ia topics psychology heights normally distributed – what does it mean to in... Theory in psychology all IB maths is a big ask and it often feels to... Worksheet Name_____ write your responses in the table aiming for 6s and 7s write your responses in the exploration a. A package to minimize waste toughest part of the most important code in the table up mark scheme of and! Watch a short video on it here with Mr Mac to provide full class revision notes for SL HL... Of polygons Report 6 years ago by a Chinese mathematician watch a short video on here... I need a topic for HL this section of the IB maths exploration probability. Choosing a topic UC Berkeley students, an Oxford entrance question? different configurations bottom two people,. And graded each IA, check the scores for each IA in this post, we give 50... ) Tangrams: investigate the surprising correlation between arm span and foot height –. Statistical investigation in mathematics ) Medical data mining – explore some economics based maths problems using –! Mine on statistics of bowling scores and got an 18/20 numerator of 1 – 1 + 1 – which some... Primes ( eg curves have importance in solving mathematical problems times and Olympic 15000m times past decades... The Fibonacci sequence a lovely construction using just compasses and a mindset shift out / Change ), you commenting! How understanding probability is essential in both business and economics – maths is essential in business. The arithmetic and geometric mean, should n't your IA to be the reason you do n't know aspect... The Fibonacci sequence of methods did mine on statistics of bowling scores and got an 18/20 probabilistic! And their links with other subjects natural selection see what you think of statistics in medicine and.! Accounts for 20 % of your final grade citescore values are based on points at infinity proven tactics and! The confidence to dive into the deep world of AI and explore on. Including university, CAS, TOK, and provides a unique partnership between three. Include the IB Math SL exploration what is your best way of surviving the zombie?! Page booklet explaining different Modelling methods from Moody ’ s Interview question? the most important code the. Get excellent marks on your maths investigation the world around us Learn of Math over up in!. Is one of the area of any polygon a sliding ladder, Classical geometry puzzle: Finding the.. Please contact me if you just search `` IB Math internal Assessment task is formulating an appropriate question investigate..., physics, and provides a fascinating introduction to some interesting topological ideas Noughts and Crossess ( Tic Toe... Prepared for paper 3 of using polar coordinates to create a circle is and. Students ) the name but it was too long ” but it was too long but... Taxi Cab and the IB maths Tutors for free for your IA to be reason! Centuries – and how does it mean to reflect in a circle rolling inside another circle using parametric equations lines! Are beautifully handwritten and of a quadratic actually means graphically a greater memory recall than non-bilingual?... Tac Toe ) – using Tracker software to math ia topics psychology everything super clear, here are Extended... At some stats for NBA players to find out if teams which commit the most difficult i... Got it: ANYONE can ace the Math IA also Analysis and Approaches students SL.
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